Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pixel Breeders?

Pixel Breeders is a free Twitch extension, which allows you to collect Pixels from your favorite streamers, and breed or trade them with other users.

How do I get new Pixels?

There's a few ways you can get new Pixels:

  1. By subscribing to a channel which uses Pixel Breeders, you get a Generation-0 Pixel, which resembles their channel in some way.
  2. If you have two Pixels, they can breed (as long as they're not related) – or, you can breed with public Pixels from other users. That will give you a new Pixel, which has features from both parents.
  3. You can be gifted Pixels from your friends – or gift Pixels to friends!

I subscribed to a channel, but I didn't get a Pixel!

You can claim your sub rewards every month. Just type !pixel into the chat.

Is there an infinite amount of Pixels?

Currently there are 100,737,000,000 possible combinations of Pixels.

I have Pixels, but I can't breed them!

To breed Pixels, you need Breed-Tokens. Every time you claim your sub rewards you get 3 Breed-Tokens.

I'm a streamer and want my own Pixel!

If you want to participate in Pixel Breeders and get your very own Pixel you can apply here.